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Get Paid To Login

Everyone knows that internet traffic has an economic value, traffic is made of visits and therefore each visit has its own value. You can login how many times you want but you get paid only one time per day, for this reason there is a 10 levels program to increase your earnings exponentially in which you earn the 10% on each level. You can also expose for FREE a banner linking to a website of your choice.

paid to login

Everyday you login you don't only get paid but you also earn one impression so instead of the banner above you could put your and will be shown to the other members immediately. Here below there are the statistics about your banner, to upload it click on 'my settings' button and follow the instructions and you can have your banner online right now. To learn more about all this system, see our Making Money & Free Advertising Guide

How much do you get paid for each login ? The answer is 0.001$ that is exactly that the other bux/ptc sites pay per site viewed. The good here is that you have a 10 level program in which you earn the 10% on each member you referred, you need just 4 referrals to make the amount shown as displayed by the online calculator in the homepage. It's better that you get them amongst your friends or people you know very well because you will need to be in touch with them,train them and make sure they do the same as you do. Please keep in mind that to make the amount shown by the online calculator in the front page you need to have at least 4 referrals on the first level and that they have each one 4 referrals and all this until the 10th level. Also is important that you and your referrals login daily: encourage your referrals to buy earning units as you earn the 10% on the earning units they buy on 10 levels, you should also convert your balance in earning units as they gave a daily interest while if you let them in your balance you don't get any interest. Earning units pay only the day you login. if you think that minimum to cash out is just 0.01$ on Perfect Money ( 1$ for Paypal/Payza ) then you realize that in the worst of cases you can cashout after 10 days ( 0.01$ = 0.001$x10days ), but just by buying earning units you can increase what you get paid for every login, to know more about this wonderful opportunity please click the upgrade button on the previous page. You can even increase what you get paid if you shorten your referral link with a paid shortener url like LinkBucks, note that you can use this system with every program you are promoting not just Paidtologin and you can get paid until 2$/1000 Visitors using interstitials ( note that this last option could create problems if you promote your links through manual traffic exchanges ).
Now let's talk of the other nice feature you have, namely the free banner impression you get everytime you login, which is the value of this banner impression ? Banner impressions on websites getting organic traffic usually are sold at 9.99$/10.000 impressions and this means that the banner impression you get for free and that you can use to promote everything you want ( except adult websites ) has a value of 0.001$. Just a word about CTR that is just the ratio between the clicks and the views your banner get. Each time you submit a new banner these datas are zeroed so you can get always a real view of your banner performance

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Make Money With ClickBank - Without a Website!


ClickBank is one of the biggest affiliate marketing websites on the internet these days. With ClickBank you can make money online if you don’t have a product of your own to promote; basically you choose other people’s products to sell and you receive a portion of the profits which average from 10-75%.

ClickBank is an easy way to start making money online because it requires no upfront investment on your part. There is a large array of products to promote, and you can also experiment to find out the niches that are the most profitable and which ones will make you the most sales.

ClickBank affiliate accounts are free, and once you have gotten yours you will need to view the different product options you have to promote to your audience.

Now you can promote any product you choose without having a website or a blog that you own, and what you will need to do is get a free web page from Squidoo. Check out the separate blog entry for a different approach to making money with Squidoo.

How it Works

ClickBank gives you a special link (known as a hoplink) that will contain your account data to make sure you get a percent of the proceeds if someone clicks through to buy a product you have recommended.

Promoting Your Product

You will want to focus on providing more than just an affiliate link for your visitors to click on. You will want to pre-sell the item, basically convince them why a certain product should be bought. This is usually the stage that separates the strong from the weak. Remember - content is key - you will need to sound like you are engaged and satisfied with the product you are promoting. (You may want to look up reviews written by others and get some opinions that you can write about.)


Remember to be a normal person when promoting a product. Don't write reviews like - BUY MY AUTO PARTS FROM MY SITE NOW!!!!. Yes it catches the eye, but people will not have trust in a person who seems like they might be crazy. Keep your reviews fairly laid back, and the less obvious it is that you are a sales person, the more sales you will make in the long run.

Anyways...back to ClickBank...

When starting with ClickBank you should immediately familiarize yourself with the site and get to know how it all works. Once you know your way around, begin your research and pick out a few products that you have interest in promoting. Results will not come in immediately but overtime, you will begin to see increasing sales.

How to Make Money with Squidoo

It costs you money to set up your own website – hosting + domain registration. An alternative can be a site where you can create free web pages – but they don’t allow affiliate links or any way for you to make money. Well…except for one – one of the best free sites gives you many tools you can use to make a profitable free web page. All it takes is your time and effort to make a great page.

The name of this glorious site is Squidoo, and you can use it for affiliate marketing and just about anything else. The site has a lot of potential to your online business if you use it correctly.

The Benefits

It is incredibly easy to start setting up custom web pages once you open a free account with Squidoo. There is no limit on how many pages you can create and it is almost like having a bunch of mini-websites. The sky’s the limit for what you do with this site and it all comes down to your strategy and time commitment.

For affiliate marketing, the site presents an opportunity for those to have a high search ranking in order to make sales to receive a commission.

You can customize your “Lenses” each with a unique appearance by using the modules offered to you by Squidoo. There are modules that can help you earn money such as the Amazon, AdSense, and eBay modules, plus many more. You have a lot of freedom in creating your Lens, and it is important to take advantage of the other modules offered because they can help make your site more attractive to visitors.

Squidoo Tips and Tricks

1. Note that you will need to put effort into creating your Lenses. You cannot just simply rush through making the page if you want to get visitors. When I first started using Squidoo, I had no visitors in my first month because I did not put effort into making a good page. You will need to pat attention to SEO and treat your page like a normal website. And remember, it helps to update your Lens like a normal blog because the search engines like fresh content. You do not need to go crazy about making updates, but if you have the time, you should post new content at least once a month.

2. A new properly done lens can be indexed by Google quickly if you do everything correctly. Google likes Squidoo so it is more likely you will be found than if you posted your content onto your own website.

3. Squidoo offers Amazon and eBay products to promote, but if you want more options use, or if you haven’t already, join ClickBank or Commission Junction where you can find more products to make money with.

4. Feel free to experiment with different products. You never know which one will break through.
You can set up your payments to go directly into a PayPal account or your savings, and Squidoo has a low payment threshold which I believe is $5. Your commission from advertising, affiliate links, and other sales will all collect in one account for your convenience.

When you first begin your Squidoo adventures, start out with topics that you are passionate about and over time you can start to branch out into other topics. It will be easier for you to write a Lens if you are familiar with the topic and people will see that you know what you are talking about.

Click here if you would like to set up a free Squidoo Account.

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What is a lead capture page?

What is a lead capture page?
A lead capture page is simply a web page that has
an opt in for on it. When a person fills out the form
with a name and email address they are given info
or a product they requested.

This is also sometimes called a squeeze page. If
the page is used on a Traffic Exchange or safelist
the opt in form should be above the fold.


What does above the fold mean?
Above the fold is a term that means the object in
question, in this case an opt in form will be visible
without having to scroll the page.

If you plan on putting your picture on it that should
also be above the fold to get maximum exposure.

If you are using a lead capture page on a Traffic
exchange then the page in question should fit
entirely on the screen as most TE users will
not scroll…ever.

800×600 or around is a good size for a TE splash/LCP.
If you need a splash page maker here are a few
good ones that can be joined and used for free.
Free members are limited but you can get at
least a few out of each.

Adkreator all about Splash and LCP creation

Instant Splash Splash/LCP pages and pages and banners


Easyhits4U Pretty darn good splash and LCP page maker

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Click Voyager Lot of people use this free splash page